Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

Bachelor of Computer

By:  Rofinus Emi Lejap

Internet can connect online with others in remote areas.

The era of technology and informatics bring renewal in various fields. It requires also a revolution of human competence, in order to follow all the changes and developments. In the field of information technology, Bachelor of Computer into a promising option for the younger generation.

Computer science with the Internet network appear as a new field of study. The computer is an electronic device to process data from various types, present and publish extensively. And of the 'new science' that produce graduates who are better equipped computers to compete in the workforce in this era of technology and informatics.

Major role in humans as brainware or the brain that regulates the processing of data, so that generate accurate reports. Whether it's the data numeric, alphabetic and graphic data of data and audio-visual. All of that requires a degree qualified human computer.

Undergraduate computer expert who is smart and skilled so as to translate the demanding needs in many fields. Then the field of education, from primary, secondary and tertiary education or university academics, remains the main pillar of the computer relied on to produce qualified graduates.

Competence of undergraduate or graduate students of computer Information Technology skills, are as follows: 

1. Software Engineering: The Bachelor of Computer area of ​​expertise has the greatest opportunity to work on a variety of products and services industry sectors, to fill the position of the Department of Information Technology (EDP) and information system development, or working as a Systems Analyst, Systems Support, Database Administrator and Programmer. 

2. Graphic Design & Multimedia: Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design expertise & Multimedia can enter a wide range of industries such as software houses, office automation, the company engaged in the security system using a graphic such as a company engaged in advertising, entertainment and multimedia. 

3. Software Systems & Networks: The high demand for experts in software and network systems lead the profession into one of the backbone in many industrial operations rely on network-based data processing. Among them is the internet service provider (ISP) and various service sector industries, such as: hospitals, hotels, banks, schools and universities.  

4. Information Management: One of the more value the computer is a qualified graduates who can fill positions in a very broad scope, especially in the field of information technology management.

Undergraduate computer dared to open horizons of knowledge.
5. Computerized Accounting: Accounting is one area that is required to keep abreast of the times. Computer-based accounting other than accounting experts to form high-quality and reliable professionals in accounting information systems engineering and skilled in the development of accounting systems, whether computer based or manual.

 6. E-Commerce: The industrial sector such as e-commerce companies export-import, hotel and banking industries are some of the very need of expertise in the field of e-commerce.Area of ​​expertise is expected to work at a company engaged in the field of e-commerce or internet, to implement knowledge management and accounting professionals in order to perform systems engineering electronic commerce (e-commerce) and the development of web-based information systems. 

7. And employment opportunities in other areas of Information Technology, which is still in great demand by companies is a System Analyst, IT Help Desk, AutoCAD Drafter, Sales, Project Manager, Computer Operator, Programmer, Computer Technician, EDP Staff, WebMaster, Web Chief Editor, Web Administrator, Web Designer, Software Engineer, Database Engineer, Web Content Manager, Unix Admnistration Manager, Director of Software, Java Developer, Network Specialist, Network Manager and 
System Architect.All the expertise that would not necessarily be obtained in an instant, but started in early through a continuous learning system since the Play Group, to achieve a degree level or computer. 

Any struggle requires effort, thought, effort, cost and time. To achieve an undergraduate computer also pass the same hurdle with the other fields. And that perseverance, determination and perseverance will lead the students reach graduate level. Yes ..., undergraduate computer!

Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

Computer Programs For Children

By:  Rofinus Emi Lejap

What kind of computer programs suitable for children? Can computers cope with the limitations of the conventional learning? The answer is quite sure it can! Nothing is too complicated to be studied and known to use a computer.There are several criteria to consider in selecting a suitable program for children, among others:
  1. Customize the program or software with the standards of competence and basic competence.
  2. Customize the type of education, level of education and the child's classroom.
  3. Customize your computer with the purpose of education curriculum formulated by the institution.
  4. Choose a program or computer software is best suited.
  5. Customize your computer material with other subjects in order to work together.
Child choose a picture related

Computer Programs for Children; Computer programs for kids or computer software is very much designed for kids, but not all are appropriate and in line with the standards of competence and basic competence in a classroom. Standards of competence and basic competence in computer programs for children, usually formulated by the central curriculum.

Computer programs for children to learn shapes and objects or goods; Does it belong, Tux Paint, Drawing for children, Counting and shorting, Hello Kitty.

The children are helped to recognize and know the names of items and forms. Most software is still using the English language, so children learn at the same time and name of the shape of various objects, as well as increase the vocabulary of English.

Computer programs for learning shapes and objects or items, will be found again on the other competencies. This was intentional so that the parents also know that in a computer software child can learn the various aspects.

Computer programs for children to learn colors; does it belong, Drawing for children, Counting and shorting, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh Infants, Micky Mouse. 

Children can recognize the color and drawing.
The colors are presented in forms that were given up as well in color or objects, letters or numbers in color. It depends on the creation and purpose of the software, if training recognition, memory or game. 
Prepare letters
Computer programs for children to learn to draw and color the picture; software that can be used, namely, from Windows Paint, Tux Paint, Coloring book, Drawing for children, Winnie the Pooh Infants.Drawing is liked by most children.  

Through drawing, a lot of potential to develop another, such as memory, creativity, art, color, imagination, and so forth. Creativity of teachers and parents are needed to generate interest in children.Computer programs for children to learn letters; My ABC, Writing and Calculating, Typing Tutor.Recognize, write and read letters or writing is a vital requirement for a cultured and educated man. Children are usually very interested to have the ability to write and read. Writing software will greatly help them to be more creative writing.
Children can identify the sound.

Computer programs for children to know the voice / sound and music; Does it belong, Winnie the Pooh Infants, Micky Mouse.Computer software is also not forget to present different types of sounds for the children. Starting from the hiss of snakes, birds sound, the sound of thunder, telephones, cars, music, sounds of animals / animal, and human voice through speech or conversation and song.

Computer programs for children learning to type and compose letters using the keyboard; Kid's Typing Skill, Writing and calculating, Typing Tutor, does it belong, Tux Typing, Match maker, Counting and shorting, Starting to read, Writing and calculating

Literacy alone is not sufficient and the kids are not skilled to use the keyboard. So children need to be assisted by using a keyboard typing software.

Typing Software also train and get children to type properly using 10 fingers. Children who are already trained and skilled can type a text without looking into the keyboard.

Computer programs for children to learn numbers, mathematics or calculations; does it belong, Practice Multiplication Facts, Match maker, Counting and shorting, Writing and calculating, Winnie the Pooh Infants, Early Math and TuxMath.The computer was created because of problems with the numbers facing humanity. Then find a computer with a mathematical calculation ignores is something less than complete. Moreover, we humans are always in touch with the numbers right from the womb.

Computer programs for children to learn logic, does it belong, Practice Multiplication Facts, Match maker, Counting and shorting, Writing and calculating, Winnie the Pooh Infants, Micky Mouse, Early Math.

Logic in question is penyesaiannya games that require analysis and decisions on a logical answer or make sense. It makes sense by children will be confronted with a 'reasonable' according to computer software.

Computer programs for children to learn puzels; Does it belong, Writing and calculatingPuzels also includes game pieces picture compile a complete picture. In the game puzels children to practice precision, patience and tenacity make it so that the pieces of the image formed in the original image.

Very many computer programs for children so parents need not worry that children will learn and forget over krasan at the computer. It is precisely the children's interest in computers, the more hopeful about the future. Because it is a time online, they are the next generation of his time into the future.

My Experience Being a Computer Teacher

Plane at the airport  Wunopito 

By:  Rofinus Emi Lejap

In academic education, not just my profession as a computer teacher. Friends who had studied together in college, there are quips, "Peanut skin forgotten". I laugh just to hear their chatter, because I have a principle which, according to my beliefs sanctioned by God, the Owner jobs. What nonsense I carry the name of God in the work, but here's my strong belief and I always enjoy face make this work.

I love computers since college, when I choose the direction that it is time Catechetical Philosophy. Programs that have nothing to do with a typewriter, but oddly enough my work is always associated with the keyboard for typing.

I've taught the science of Religion, Sociology, Art, Computer in junior high and high school. And turns the computer takes me to a higher level, namely the Coordinator and a higher office, at a computer company. I take care of and manage the problems faced by teachers of computer education in general have a computer. While the boss?

I became a teacher because of a hobby that is supported by academic knowledge about teacher education. Supported also by the experience as a teacher. Because before becoming a computer teacher, I have worked as teachers in other areas I have mentioned. And knowledge of computers, both hardware and software resources, I've also tried to disassemble and repair a computer if a problem. And when it finally stuck, the new cpu in the mutual to the technicians.

There are things that I want to share with readers, especially those who want to become a computer teacher.Hobby / delight / pleasure: There is a saying 'any job found by your hands, do it with a vengeance'. The saying is true but there are exceptions.

That work will I do all my heart, when I was happy and liked the job. There are a teacher because of his education, but perhaps he would prefer to trade. So no wonder the students are sold.

Moral and ethics: Teacher job teaching, educating, guiding and training. For that teachers should have good morals and ethics that can be followed by study participants.

Children in the Field of Corn.

By having a moral and ethical, a teacher is expected to sort out the bad influences in the media and internert computer. Media and information where appropriate delivered to students and which ones do not!

Ability and teaching skills: In order to teach the participants to learn, teachers must have the knowledge, skills and teaching skills. Computers and software is an object, while the student is subject to the exercise of conscience. Then the teacher should be skilled to the participants learn to apply object-spirited.

Ability and teaching skills are not enough to read and get a good IP. Skills acquired through 'Exercise - Exercise - Exercise and Exercise without lose heart'. Not just another exercise in the bathroom, but the practice of teaching with a real person.

Educating and guiding spirit:Related to teaching science to develop a ratio, while educating to do with being alive. To teach the attitude that people want to live in general, teachers themselves must have a soul train, so there is a correlation between words and deeds.

Have the skills to train:Computers are electronic devices that use is always associated with electricity. In order for a teacher to train students to use computers properly, teachers themselves need to master the computer and have the ability to train students. Once there was a teacher of undergraduate GPA of nearly 4, but he is busy with himself and the students are allowed to learn on their own.

Master the didactic and methodical:Those two things are similar and support each other, namely knowledge and skills taught in a way or the methods vary. There is a foundation school or a request that students do not need to be given only theory but practice. Does a science would be eligible if the only emphasized the motor aspect of cognition and affection by leaving? To imagine it has been limping let alone implementation.

Modification and innovation capability:An ordinary typewriter does not require a lot of modifications compared to the computer. The computer seemed to have a 'soul and body' in need of modification, both hardware and software.

Human computer users must also "self-modifying 'to keep it always up to date' in accordance with the computer. Otherwise the computer is digital, the wearer is still capable of DOS.

A teacher is a teacher and learner as well. Hence the term teaching-learning, which means teachers and students alike to learn and teach. Teachers teach and also learn from students.

Teachers are not angels who knew everything, but it also has human limitations. While students are not 'blank sheet of paper' that is not contained, but has no competence in himself. For teachers and attendees learned that complement each other in the teaching-learning process. A computer teacher also keep innovating ourselves to it in control in the teaching and learning.

Computers is growing but the innovators are also never seems satisfied and is always creating new ones. I enjoyed all the development and renewal that occurs while comparing hardware, software and price. I most just shook his head, thinking about the greatness of man, especially the teachers who became the basic foundation of human brain development.

I used to avoid the teaching profession and do not want to become teachers. But my love for the development and renewal which encouraged me to become a teacher.

I became a teacher because of teachers not including professional cheap! And now persisted for no salary from the government's attention. I became a teacher because of THE OWNER.