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Learning Online

By: Rofinus Emi Lejap
The introduction of computers to children.

The presence of the internet makes a lot of activities carried out online. Onlinelearning, market or online marketing, online television, internet marketing online, and so on.

Onlinelearning has a wider target range compared with other fields. This is not by chance I am a practitioner in the field of education is still active as a teacher in elementary school and once in high school. But the reality seems so.

I also read it online on the internet about the type and pattern of education offered to online learning. Starting from the playgroup online, online elementary school, high school and college online, and adult education online.

Such phenomenon is not just a trend for a moment! Internet connection has created a lot of conveniences and opportunities for every age, sex, educational level and field of work.


Every opportunity was seized and exploited by parents, educators and students as well as students, and especially the education providers to implement online learning.

Onlinelearning provides many facilities and advantages in several aspects, namely:

Study Participants: Participants learn the subjects studied may set the time to study independently and not tied to any learning in the conventional pattern.

Material: teaching materials are provided and delivered by online learning provider or by the teacher. The material is packaged in a module form of e-book and can be accessed at any time.

Learning resource: e-learning in the learning resources available and accessible from anywhere, anytime. Source of learning is different for each participant to learn, because they have different interests.

The role of multimedia: the online learning, learning resources with multimedia features that make more interesting to understand, because the verbal concepts can be explained using audio-visual.

Onlinelearning pattern: there is no standard pattern for e-learning systems vary widely. Enriched learning objects and multimedia engineered with a blend of academic information, discussion, evaluation, and other educational tools.

The role of parents: the role of parents, especially mothers as teachers at home, can monitor the progress of online learning at home for their children.

The Learning Equation Online and E-learning
Online learning and e-learning use the same electronic media-based learning is connected to the computer and synergy with other hardware.

Media Internet and Intranet Both use electronic applications to support teaching and learning with media Internet, local computer network (LAN = Local Area Network), or standalone computer.

Online learning and e-Learning allows participants to learn to learn through computers in their respective places without having to physically go to follow the lessons / lectures in the classroom.

Online learning and e-Learning is often understood as a form of web-based learning that can be accessed from the intranet and the internet.

Online learning components, namely:
1. Onlinelearning infrastructure can be a personal computer (PC), network computer, internet and 
     multimedia equipment.
2. Systems and online learning applications using software such as Windows and application 

    programs to virtualize conventional teaching and learning process.
3. Onlinelearning content can be in the form of interactive multimedia or text-as in the usual


OnlineLearning Methods
1. Supported Web e-learning, the learning is done face to face and is supported by the use 

    of the website containing summaries, learning objectives, learning materials, assignments
    and short tests.

2. Blended or mixed mode e-learning, which is in part a process of learning is done face to face 

    and some are done online.

3. Fully online e-learning format, the entire learning process is done online, including face to face 

    between educators and learners are also made online by using teleconference
* Characteristics of learners in online learning
* Have the knowledge and skills to use computers.
* Motivation and awareness for the study of materials and materials that have been granted.
* Discipline learners in learning tasks, and determine the time to learn.
* Learner independence is absolutely necessary in online learning.
* Have an interest in e-books and other e-literature.
* Have the cognitive ability that is high enough, to overcome the problem of non-intesifan 

   mentoring or peer educators.
* Have the ability to solve problems.

Excess Learning Online
1. Cheaper; although at the beginning of the installation of infrastructure Learning Online, 

    the Internet network is rather expensive, but will further reduce the cost of accommodation 
    because of information obtained from various places without having to come to the place is.

2. Message / content Learning Online can be fixed (consistent), and can also be tailored to 

    the needs of learners.

3. Learning material is more up to datedan reliable, since the material can be updated quickly.  

    Materials and learning system can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

4. Each participant Learning Online can see or receive the same material and in the same way.

5. Participants in Online Learning and educators can build a sustainable community, to share 

    knowledge during and after learning.

6. Onlinelearning can accommodate tens, hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands

We heard through the wind.
    of  participants.

7. Onlinelearning can reach out to participants and a vast territory around the world.

Onlinelearning is a learning system that is cheaper and effective. Shortcomings, this system is dependent on internet access with a variety of supporting media must first be mastered by study participants.
But aspects of the advantages and disadvantages, positive and negative is always a sure complement to existing in all human activities. We choose to live a better system is experienced, and it should not be uniform for everyone.

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