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Computer Education

By: Rofinus Emi Lejap
Computer Education for Children


I know and use the new computer in 1989. While previous work using ordinary typewriter  and electric typewriter. Computer education, the term had not been heard at that time. So at that time already included wonderful when working with electronic typewriters, although many limitations as well.

In 1992, the campus was introduced as a means of computer do the work and a thesis by using a 3 disc sizes 51/2 ", ie dos floppy, diskette Microsoft Word versions 4.0 and floppy data.
Although slow and busy with the disks, but then we are very proud as a computer operator. It would be more complete if the computer is specifically studied in an educational institution, and the computer is called computer education lesson.

Software is also known at that time only a few, such as WordStar, Lotus, dBase, WordPerfect and Rapidfile. All software, the operation still depends on the diskette with the DOS prompt that looks a> or b>. Prompt a and b, pointing to the drive, where it runs DOS diskette.

But in a relatively short time, computers have become the preferred means of advanced students, because since the 1990s, some private schools have to enter the computer as one of the extra-curricular subjects.

Windows version 3 emerged as the belle of the operating system to get rid of the DOS diskette. But still used because the data disk drive capacity is not enough time as it is now. Although sophisticated and cool sounding, but computer education seems to have accepted and recognized in the curriculum.

Recently around the year 2004, computers in Indonesia was officially accepted as a compulsory subject use the term Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Computers that in previous years a place outside school hours, began also to show his face in the schedule of formal lessons in school. There are educational institutions have begun speaking with the school to promote educational excellence frills computer.

Computer education appear attractive with a thousand million hopes and fears. Computers can be used to process data from various types, but also bring issues that concern the hidden danger that some parents. Though they themselves may be curious to prove the truth of the issue.

Computer Education neutralize the pros and cons of natural communities, about the negative and positive impacts of computers with internet network.

With the breadth of the Internet system penetrated into various fields of communications and media work, the negative impact of the worries vanished ringleader. Internet should be restricted to the computer, but the phone in various types mengeksposenya openly with the wider network up to the outposts.

Computer education provide guidance, lessons, training and extension objectively, especially benefits the use of computers. Ratio Participants learn the soul and filled with positive things to build and develop. But the pros and cons only occur at a time when the program must be launched. Now computers and the internet has become a liability that must be accepted and dealt with.

Right through the Computer Education will lead the participants to learn, so that they themselves decide later. Whether developing a positive and useful things in the way of negative or harmful. The world was overwhelmed by the positive aura, so it's very unlikely that the negative can develop properly.

Computers are to be learned, it is not wrong to call education practitioners with various terms. Some call it education or learning computer information technology, or software is also suitable materials.

Computer education has a purpose, namely that the operator or user can implement the various demands of the workforce, information and entertainment, and so forth. Because computers can not work automatically, but it takes a smart man and skilled to operate the system that ultimately generate the required data.

Computer education should be learned early in the types and levels of education. Since the playgroup, primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

Problems associated with negative things that concern some parents, need not be feared. Because without a computer and internet crime was still present in other media. At this era of information technology, computer education should be placed in the correct position.

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