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Information Technology Education

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Information Technology Education is the result of electronic technologies that are designed and used in the education system. Technology products that use the computer to devices such as cdroom, printers, compacdisk / CD, speakers, headset and flasdisk.

Aspects of information in the Information Technology Education is a source of learning that comes from human (teachers, students, parents or others). The information is packaged in the form of print media or electronic book (e-book), video, movies, files, pictures, posters, and so on).


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While aspects of education in the Information Technology Education, of course on all aspects of education-related activities. There is education for children (pedagogy) and adult education (Andragogy).

Information Technology Education for children was held in the classical style is laid out in a national education system. And Information Technology Education for adults to follow the pattern of education for children combined with other activities such as seminars and symposiums.

Development of computer technology it is possible to design and develop a set of learning programs for students or students at all levels of learning. The development of media in the form of Education / Computer Based Learning is also called the Information Technology Education.

Computers have been used in all sectors of life such as education, medicine, business, engineering, laboratories, shopping centers. However, utilization in the education sector is still limited to administrative and managerial purposes. While utilization to assist the process of education is still very limited.

Hence the thought of the education system among some developers to make use of computers in learning to use computers as the main teaching medium. Information technology is to design a system of education at an institution of learning and apply it in an integrated way in teaching and learning using computer technology.

A computer with hardware and software components is helpful for designing and developing a variety of learning media and fun. And it's been proven to help students' creativity and imagination to process the material, so that competence is expected to be achieved.

Information technology education does not stand alone, but always together in an integrated into one system. A mix of hardware (hardware), software (software), brainware (human) and instructional material as an object that was involved.

Information technology education in the design of computer-based learning media should also involve computer technicians, media specialists, and expert teaching materials or teacher. Besides, it should also consider the psychological and sociological aspects and security aspects of study participants.

Development of media education / Computer Based Learning should involve operational development, namely human and material. Characteristics of study participants were also involved in designing the learning program, any field of study.

Components of information technology education in the development of Computer-Based Education, among others;

• Participants learn
• Study level
• Competency standards
• The basis of an idealized competence is achieved.
• Materials or learning material,
• Design of learning time,
• The method or way of learning,
• Facility or a learning tool
• Criteria for graduation
• And the system evaluation.

In the information technology education, all aspects that support or complement each other. Classroom teacher or teachers in the study and professor, served as 'director' who facilitate and manage the implementation and success of the learning process.

Participants learn the subject in a system, therefore their preference in a learning system. Since Playgroup, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, High School, Vocational School, the Academy and the University. Participants learn to remain in key positions or subjects that most interest and served in the education system.

Information technology education to put the computer, both hadware and software and all peripherals placed as the main media in the entire learning process. That would clash with the costs, hardware, software, operational personnel both technicians and teachers or lecturers would be an obstacle.

But with information technology education learning system can be created that can make all the elements that hinder the implementation. The Internet has led very many positive things for human development. But it depends on man, how he views and treats the internet.

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