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Computers For Kids

By: Rofinus Emi Lejap

The Importance of Computers for Children

Online system was created for all people from different generations. Children are the inheritors of the future of a nation. Entering the era of information and communications technology, increasingly provide opportunities for children to prepare them better. For that computer learning for children is absolutely necessary.

Computers for children is certainly not as complicated and as difficult as computers for adults. The principle of the introduction of hardware or software or hardware and software is presented in an easy and fun for the kids.

Competence is raised and to be achieved remains a goal of learning, but learning does not have a serious mood and tense. Basic competencies are developed through a computer for children, namely cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and kinetic. Each competency was found also in other fields of study that are integral.
She likes to Learn


Distinctiveness lies in the use of computer hardware and software as a tool as the 'entrance' to learn other subjects. But still as a standalone computer that subject has its own specifications and competence.

Computers for children is very important because it helps them to accept a variety of information and knowledge as a whole, the kinetic, visual and auditory. Thus the existing competence in the child the more aroused and more reactive.

Ages to learn
There are some parents are introducing computers to children at a very early age, ie 2 or 3 years. While the formal introduction of the guidance, when the children came playgroup and kindergarten.

But there are also parents who forbid their children acquainted with computers let alone internet. That may be influenced by the view that the 'crime' is presented and paraded through the computer and internet media. That view is true, but the practitioners of education or the system would know how to secure to present computer lessons to children.

The principle is that the sooner the better!
This means that the sooner the child to know and use the computer correctly, the more he helped to compete in various fields. While the children in the modern age of computers and the internet keep his life will be like 'blind' in the afternoon. For that parents need to be observant and thoughtful response to all the technology.

Computer Safety for Children
The computer is an electronic media which is always associated with electric operations. For the assembly and installation of all devices should account for its safety aspects, especially for humans.

Security first, keep the child from harm Strum hardware components which may be due to the cable-kanelnya not insulated.

Securing a second, reducing the electronic radiation to monitor the exact position.

The third security, encouraging children to always maintain visibility of the monitor so as not to get too close.

The fourth security, disable or uninstall the software connection hazards or which may distract children from learning purpose computer, such as horror games.

The fifth security, remove / delete content in the form of video and images that contain elements of horror and pornography that may affect the spirit and behavior of children.

Computer Software for Children
Sosfware learned tailored to the type and level of education of children.
For children at Playgroup and Nursery, the corresponding software is based multimedia.
Interactive video material, adio visual child will be more attracted to each material. For example, the color 'Red', is displayed with a red colored object is accompanied by its pronunciation. And compared with other colors with different objects and the spoken name of the displayed objects. Another example, figure 1 is displayed visually '1' pronounced 'One' and is exemplified in a number of objects, such as 'one butterfly'.

Computers for children in grade levels one and two elementary school-based multimedia is still dominant, but is mixed with the appropriate software knowledge required competencies in the curriculum for computer classes. For example, mathematical software, writer, and simple graphics.

While the computer for children in grade three to grade six programs studied are a graphical program, writer and office basic and basic programing. The learners at the primary level is accustomed to using a computer with a variety of applications for tasks of the teacher.

By accustomed to using computers in learning, it is expected that children someday in the future, will also more skilled at handling a variety of work using a computer.

Teachers / instructors Computers for Kids
Teachers who teach computers to children at least should meet the criteria:

• Know and understand the workings of the computer machine.
• May operate a variety of application programs, especially computer for children
• It can be overcome in a simple error before requesting technical assistance, when an interruption in 
   computer operations.
• Have competence as educators, teachers and tutors.
• Loving the world of children.
• Knowing the creativity and passion of children

Patterns of Computer Learning for Children
Computer learning for children still refer to the basic competencies to be developed, taking into account the subjects studied.

Dominant pattern of practice, but also taking into account the security aspects and the use of hardware and software correctly. Especially for kids playgroup and kindergarten, they were led to the use pattern of play. Thus the goal is reached and they are still excited to learn to love computers.

The game certainly is not through physical interaction, but by way of accompaniment, played by teachers and interactive software for children.

The game is physically expected because obviously contrary to the computer lab situation. Learning competencies of information technology and communications or computer is also very stressed logic, analysis, mathematical educate intellectually.

Evaluation Computers for Children
Evaluation of training tasks and repetition, together with other fields of study. Only the assessment for children Playgroup and kindergarten, the evaluation was not done in writing, but with practice.

Basically the school and parents continue to demand a written report of a child's learning. So creativity, foresight and patience teacher should still be devoted to the success of children. False report as a mask to display the learning outcomes of children with 'the writing teachers', will greatly tarnish the noble goals of education.

Computers for the children of future generations to lead the nation into an era of information technology and the moral and dignified.

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