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Bachelor of Computer

By:  Rofinus Emi Lejap

Internet can connect online with others in remote areas.

The era of technology and informatics bring renewal in various fields. It requires also a revolution of human competence, in order to follow all the changes and developments. In the field of information technology, Bachelor of Computer into a promising option for the younger generation.

Computer science with the Internet network appear as a new field of study. The computer is an electronic device to process data from various types, present and publish extensively. And of the 'new science' that produce graduates who are better equipped computers to compete in the workforce in this era of technology and informatics.

Major role in humans as brainware or the brain that regulates the processing of data, so that generate accurate reports. Whether it's the data numeric, alphabetic and graphic data of data and audio-visual. All of that requires a degree qualified human computer.

Undergraduate computer expert who is smart and skilled so as to translate the demanding needs in many fields. Then the field of education, from primary, secondary and tertiary education or university academics, remains the main pillar of the computer relied on to produce qualified graduates.

Competence of undergraduate or graduate students of computer Information Technology skills, are as follows: 

1. Software Engineering: The Bachelor of Computer area of ​​expertise has the greatest opportunity to work on a variety of products and services industry sectors, to fill the position of the Department of Information Technology (EDP) and information system development, or working as a Systems Analyst, Systems Support, Database Administrator and Programmer. 

2. Graphic Design & Multimedia: Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design expertise & Multimedia can enter a wide range of industries such as software houses, office automation, the company engaged in the security system using a graphic such as a company engaged in advertising, entertainment and multimedia. 

3. Software Systems & Networks: The high demand for experts in software and network systems lead the profession into one of the backbone in many industrial operations rely on network-based data processing. Among them is the internet service provider (ISP) and various service sector industries, such as: hospitals, hotels, banks, schools and universities.  

4. Information Management: One of the more value the computer is a qualified graduates who can fill positions in a very broad scope, especially in the field of information technology management.

Undergraduate computer dared to open horizons of knowledge.
5. Computerized Accounting: Accounting is one area that is required to keep abreast of the times. Computer-based accounting other than accounting experts to form high-quality and reliable professionals in accounting information systems engineering and skilled in the development of accounting systems, whether computer based or manual.

 6. E-Commerce: The industrial sector such as e-commerce companies export-import, hotel and banking industries are some of the very need of expertise in the field of e-commerce.Area of ​​expertise is expected to work at a company engaged in the field of e-commerce or internet, to implement knowledge management and accounting professionals in order to perform systems engineering electronic commerce (e-commerce) and the development of web-based information systems. 

7. And employment opportunities in other areas of Information Technology, which is still in great demand by companies is a System Analyst, IT Help Desk, AutoCAD Drafter, Sales, Project Manager, Computer Operator, Programmer, Computer Technician, EDP Staff, WebMaster, Web Chief Editor, Web Administrator, Web Designer, Software Engineer, Database Engineer, Web Content Manager, Unix Admnistration Manager, Director of Software, Java Developer, Network Specialist, Network Manager and 
System Architect.All the expertise that would not necessarily be obtained in an instant, but started in early through a continuous learning system since the Play Group, to achieve a degree level or computer. 

Any struggle requires effort, thought, effort, cost and time. To achieve an undergraduate computer also pass the same hurdle with the other fields. And that perseverance, determination and perseverance will lead the students reach graduate level. Yes ..., undergraduate computer!

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